Eco-Friendly Industrial Chemicals

Sustainable Productivity

We supply non-toxic products/chemicals to industries, such as the following:

Construction Solutions (Eco-friendly)

  • Polymer for Construction

  • Non-Toxic Bitumen Remover

Mining, Oil & Gas Industry Solutions (Eco-friendly)

  • High performance, low corrosion, limescale and calcium remover for challenging applications 

  • Parts washers of various sizes with powerful, fully recyclable, heavy duty parts washing solution

  • Powerful, bio-based all-purpose degreaser for all industries

  • Powerful and effective Oil Spill clean-up product and marine degreaser - safe on marine life (AMSA Listed for SCA & OHA)

  • Bio-based dust control agent

Water & Wastewater Solutions (Eco-friendly)

  • High-tech, super concentrate cleaner & odour neutralizer

  • Non-toxic bio-based surfactant formulation to break down solids, clean pipework, assists septic and waterless system breakdown.

  • Non-toxic and Non-corrosive pipework & bore cleaner

  • Chlorine free water treatment

 Agricultural solutions (Eco-friendly)

  • Hazard-free, biodegradable chainsaw & cutting oil (60% cooler on both bar and chain)

  • Bio-based product specially formulated to stimulate plant growth, increases soil percolation, restore water flow on irrigation systems, etc.

 Defence Solutions (Eco-friendly)

  • Aircraft & metal cleaner

  • BlastSax (innovative sandless sandbags for effective and quick deployment) - developed to mitigate the effect of small bombs and grenade blasts.